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We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch service backed by a team of highly trained and experienced professionals. We understand everyone's hair removal needs are unique.

A thorough consultation is conducted with every client. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your hair removal experience is not only effective but also relaxing and enjoyable.

Why Choose Cervello?

Virtually Painless 

Exclusive cooling system with innovative micro-channels. Sapphire contact cooling delivering at -5 C.

Safe For All Skin Types

Fast and precise treatments, maximum effectiveness on skin types I to VI.

Quick & Effective Results

Noticeable results in your first few sessions. Progressive definitive reduction of density and coarseness by up to 85%.

Stackable Wavelengths
Combined in one diode stack; the power of 808 nm, the performances of 755 nm Alexandrite, and the efficiency of 1064 nm Nd:Yag lasers.

What does hair removal treatment feel like with the Cervello Laser?

Cervello’s Double Cooling Technology (DCT) provides a nearly painless treatment experience. The platform’s DCT works to cool the skin throughout the treatment process, reducing the risks of burns while still effectively heating the dermis to remove hair follicles.


Cervello is an FDA-approved multi-wavelength hair reduction laser that delivers fast and effective results for all skin types. Made in Italy, Cervello is the ultimate diode laser that offers three wavelengths in a single handpiece for faster results with fewer treatments. Cervello uses the latest laser hair removal technology for quick and virtually painless results.

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