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Complementary Initial Consultations

Weight Loss image

Weight Loss

Skin Aesthetics image

Skin Aesthetics

Laser Hair Removal image

Laser Hair Removal

Hormone Optimization & Testosterone Replacement image

Hormone Optimization & Testosterone Replacement

Medical Weight Loss

Nurse Practitioner-led medical evaluation and supervised management of weight loss with diet modification, exercise recommendations, and pharmaceuticals as appropriate.

Initial 8-Week Program image

Initial 8-Week Program

8-week program includes an initial visit with a nurse practitioner. Client will receive approximately 4 visits (1 visit every-other week) during this 2-month program, with a nurse practitioner and/or a registered nurse. The listed program cost includes an initial in-house lab draw. If labs have been recently completed by another provider within six (6) months, additional labs may not be necessary. This can be addressed at the initial consult.

8-week program: $799
In-House Bloodwork: $250
Combined Cost: $1049

Semaglutide Program image

Semaglutide Program

Please schedule an initial consult to discuss pricing of this program.
Requirement: Participation in the 8-week Program

Monthly Membership Program (month-to-month) image

Monthly Membership Program (month-to-month)

Includes 1 visit a month with re-evaluation of labs as appropriate, medication refills, and continued weight loss support by staff.
Requirement: Completion of the 8-week program.


MIC-B Complex Lipo Mino IM Injection image

MIC-B Complex Lipo Mino IM Injection

Lipotropic injection containing essential B-vitamins that increase the breakdown of fat. It can help with the digestion of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, and may also improve mood, memory, and improve skin tone and hair. Combined with diet and exercise, it may enhance weight loss results.

Sold as single injections and in bundles.


MIC-B Complex w/ L-Carnitine IM Injection image

MIC-B Complex w/ L-Carnitine IM Injection

Combination injection of B Vitamins and L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine is an essential amino acid that helps with weight loss and promotes fat breakdown. It may help to reduce carb cravings, and can improve energy levels, skeletal muscle mass, and athletic performance.

Sold as single injections and in bundles.


Bioidentical Hormone Optimization & Hormone Replacement

Hormone optimization with bioidentical hormone pellets! Other options may include injectable, oral, or topical hormone replacement. Book an appointment now to find out more!

BHRT Lab Draw image

BHRT Lab Draw

Do you have symptoms of decreased energy, weight gain, sleep problems, brain fog, decreased sex drive? Book an appointment for a lab analysis today and see how we can help improve your life!

In-House Lab Draw: $200


Biote Bioidentical Hormone Subcutaneous Pellets image

Biote Bioidentical Hormone Subcutaneous Pellets

Hormone Optimization requires pre-pellet bloodwork to determine hormone and nutrient deficiencies so that individual dosing needs and recommendations can be made.

Men and women have different hormone needs, but both can have imbalances in testosterone, estrogen, thyroid hormones, and essential vitamins and minerals. A thorough review of symptoms, health history, and labs will be completed with a Biote-certified nurse practitioner prior to scheduling a bioidentical hormone pelleting procedure.

Female Pellet Procedure: $500 per insertion (approx. every 3-4 months)
Male Pellet Procedure: $750 per insertion (approx. every 4-5 months)

TRT for Men image

TRT for Men

Testosterone Replacement Therapy with injectable or topical testosterone. Can be used to treat low testosterone and symptoms of low energy, irritability or mood changes, low sex drive & erectile dysfunction, decreased strength and endurance, prolonged recovery time, fatigue and tiredness.

Coming soon: Future subscription program

Skin Aesthetics

Services offered can help to treat fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmantation, acne, aging skin. Most of these services can be purchased as single treatments or bundles of 3 or 6.

Neurotoxin for Wrinkles image

Neurotoxin for Wrinkles

Priced per unit


Dermal Fillers image

Dermal Fillers

We provide a variety of products to treat various areas of the face.

$700 per syringe.

Microdermabrasion image


Microdermabrasion with DermaFrac C provides mechanical surface exfoliation of the skin. This helps to improve skin appearance and health.

Starts at $150.

Microneedling image


Microneedling with the DermaFrac C utilizes a roller pen that creates microchannels while simultaneously injecting a variety of serums to help address different skin problems.

Starts at $325.

Chemical Peel image

Chemical Peel

PCASkin peels help to treat the most common skin problems including uneven skin tone, acne, aging, redness such as rosacea. They help to increase skin turnover to provide a healthier, more youthful appearance. A post-procedure kit is included with this service.

Starts at $185.

Therapeutic Skin Mask image

Therapeutic Skin Mask

PCASkin Masks are enzyme-based treatments applied to the face to address various skin issues that hydrate and exfoliate the skin. They consist of enzymes from papaya, blackberry, oat milk, pumpkin, charcoal, and salicylic acid.


Signature Spa Facial image

Signature Spa Facial

The signature White Onyx facial experience, perfect for maintenance skincare or a first time facial. Customizing each step to your skin type, this facial focuses on a thorough exfoliation & stimulating circulation.


Age Intervention Facial image

Age Intervention Facial

For our anti-aging lovers- assists with reducing fine lines + promoting firm skin. This facial includes a resurfacing mask & rejuvenating cooling mask experience that targets dead, dull skin & tightening, firming, and soothing skin.


Clear - Acne Facial image

Clear - Acne Facial

Straight to the point- focused on clear skin. Featuring advanced exfoliation targeted to treat acne & clarity followed by extractions to remove congestion.


The First Facial (Teenager Facial) image

The First Facial (Teenager Facial)


Mini Facial image

Mini Facial

Mini version of the Signature Spa Facial; no steam or extractions.


Laser Hair Removal

We use the Italian-made Cervello laser that uses three (3) laser wavelengths to target the hair follicles to remove and reduce hair. It can be used in-motion and has cooling tip technology to reduce the sensation of warmth, and decreases discomfort.

Various Body Areas image

Various Body Areas

The Cervello Laser utilizes a 3-laser wavelength, in-motion technology to reduce hair regrowth up to 90-95%.
Areas may include: Upper Lip, Chin, Beard Area, Eyebrows, Back of Neck, Back, Shoulders, Chest, Abdomen, Arms, Hands, Bikini Line, Brazilian, Legs, Feet.

Prices vary according to area treated and can be purchased as single treatments or in bundles of 3 or 6 treatments.

Ranges from $99- $700 per treatment depending on the area.

Other Procedures

Neurotoxin for Masseter Hypertrophy image

Neurotoxin for Masseter Hypertrophy

Reduces symptoms from excessive jaw clenching and may help to reduce headaches associated with this. Also used to help slim an overpronounced jawline.

Priced per unit of neurotoxin.

Neurotoxin for Hyperhidrosis image

Neurotoxin for Hyperhidrosis

Helps to reduce excessive underarm sweating.

Priced per unit of neurotoxin.

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